Bengals star Ja'Marr Chase seeks cash up front: contract talks flare up

Ja'Marr Chase is preparing for contract talks with the Cincinnati Bengals, and he's made it plain that he has particular goals for his next deal. 

During a recent media appearance, Chase emphasized his need for upfront cash in his next transaction, saying, "I don't know, you're going a little too far now buddy."

"I don't know - gave you a little spice, don't take it all," he joked, much to the delight of the reporters present.

When asked if he would consider accepting a salary reduction to keep star wide receiver Tee Higgins, Chase contemplated the issue, underscoring the possible impact on the club by saying,

"It depends how much I'm taking." At the end of the day, it depends. Because then I might not be taking a cut at all, and they might cut someone else instead. It could have come from somewhere else."

Chase also revealed his desire to continue playing with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, with whom he built a deep friendship during their time at LSU. 

He stressed the benefits of their collaboration, saying, "I mean makes everyone else around us better." I mean, that's the whole point - that's why they got us, you know what I mean? They look up to us as leaders, therefore we must set a good example."

Despite expressing his expectations for his next contract, Chase has voiced his desire to remain with the Bengals. "Lord knows, I want to do that," he said, acknowledging his doubts. But, you know, we'll see what happens."

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