Blazers Offense Goes Bonk in Phoenix

Already, New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash is building up to be a night that will be packed with outstanding performances from heavy-hitters in the entertainment industry. 

As the first half of the television program was drawing to a close, Carly Pearce ascended the stage to perform a spirited rendition of the song "Country Music Made Me Do It."

During his performance at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Pearce wore a black suit with silver fringes and took the stage.

She started into her anthemic love letter to country music, which was supported by a band that were as tight as a glove. 

An personal look at the ways in which the genre has influenced Pearce's life is presented in the song.

In spite of the fact that "Country Music Made Me Do It" is an unashamed love letter to the genre, Pearce does not shy away from the challenging aspects of the genre. 

During the second verse, she makes a passing reference to her brief marriage and the ensuing divorce that ultimately occurred. 

In the song, she talks about the time when she changed her surname and the time when she changed it again.

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