Blue Beetle's Xolo Maridueña criticizes Warner Bros. for feeling box office pressure after Black Adam and Shazam!

Fire Of The Gods Failed Warner Bros. may want a Lasso of Truth to break Marvel's box office code.

In recent years, DC movies have received mixed reviews and low ticket sales.  

Despite famous names like Michael Keaton in The Flash and Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam and buzzworthy sequels like Shazam!  

The next DC movie slate is in the hands of James Gunn and Peter Safran after these films failed.  

Xolo Maridueña of Blue Beetle discusses feeling the heat and taking a shot at WB in an interview. 

This week, Blue Beetle opened in theaters, and fans are wondering if it will impact DC.  

The breakout star of Cobra Kai knows the stakes. He told Vanity Fair about the film's release and whether he was worried about its success before the strike. 

Mexican youngster Jaime Reyes obtains superpowers from an alien scarab. 

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