Boston Bruins connected to $29,100,000 Flames center to replace Bergeron and Krejci

Former goalie turned pundit Kevin Weekes has dropped a bombshell in the always churning NHL rumor mill, indicating that the Boston Bruins may be interested in signing Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames. 

Weekes clarified the rationale for the rumors by offering his analysis of the possible trade.

The retirement of David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron this summer dealt a serious blow to the Boston Bruins, creating a big hole at center. 

The versatile forward Lindholm may be able to close this gap and be a great addition to the Boston Bruins starting lineup.

But as Weekes pointed out, cap issues will be crucial to any possible trade.

The Boston Bruins' decision-making process will surely take the financial effects of acquiring Lindholm into account, especially in light of the salary cap restrictions that several NHL teams are currently facing.

With seven goals and eleven assists in 29 games this season, Lindholm, who is presently with the struggling Calgary Flames, has demonstrated his scoring potential. 

Even though Lindholm has had success on his own, the Flames have had difficulties, raising questions about the future of important players like Lindholm.

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