Buffalo Bills set prime-time record with Week 18 flex

After defeating the Miami Dolphins in Week 18, the Buffalo Bills won the AFC East championship and the two seed in the AFC playoff picture.

This was the sixth prime-time game that the Bills played throughout the season.

Now, that's not all. Buffalo established a new record for the most games played during prime time in a single season. 

Do you agree that this makes them the Team for North America?There were only six games that could be played during prime

time under the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement. Within the new CBA, that number was raised to seven.

The Bills were the first team to attain that number under the new rules, and they did it in 2023.

They spent more than 41 percent of their games in prime time, making them the first club to achieve this feat.

The Bills struggled in those games, finishing with a record of 4-3. It is expected that they will compete in the Wild Card round in the afternoon, so let us hope that they continue to be victorious.

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