CBS conflict threatens Super Bowl TV blackouts in three key U.S. markets.

As a result of an ongoing disagreement between DirecTV and Cox Media Group, there is a possibility that the television broadcasts of Super Bowl LVII will be unavailable in Dayton, Jacksonville, and Seattle-Tacoma.

There have been reports that indicate that the two organizations have not yet reached a consensus on a new transmission arrangement, which is less than two weeks before the game. 

Regional ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX channels are among the fourteen channels that are offered by Cox. These channels are available in the markets of Boston, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta specifically. 

It has been reported by the Charlotte Observer that blackouts might start as early as February 2 if they do not reach a consensus.

As Cox and DirecTV attempt to negotiate rate increases, the former company issued a statement in which it accused the latter of assaulting local media. 

Maria Pittman, who serves as the Executive Vice President of the organization, was the one who delivered the statement.

"We at CMG are extremely proud of our dedication to investing in local news and investigative journalism that is of the highest possible quality.

Our dismay stems from the fact that DirecTV is attempting to coerce a contract that would be detrimental to the journalism and broadcasting of local stations. 

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