Coach Prime's remarks regarding Colorado football following the team's 4-8 season finale

Taking everything into consideration, the conclusion of the football season at the University of Colorado in 2023 appeared  

to be not significantly different from what is typically seen: another loss, another season without bowling, and yet another losing streak leading into the offseason. 

In contrast, Deion Sanders, who is in his first year as head coach, sees a lot of differences. The fact that the Buffaloes left the game with the impression that they still had something to play for is the first step in this process. 

Sanders declared that "they won." "If you were here a year ago and you saw what we started out with in the spring, you would have seen that they were victorious.  

Despite the fact that they did not appear on the scoreboard, they were victorious each and every week. And it is imperative that we build upon the things that they have been extremely successful in the past. 

During his Tuesday news conference, Sanders casually mentioned Mount Rushmore, but was corrected by the reporters in the room. 

"Where is it?" All this time I believed it was in Los Angeles! My geography is amazing. 

Isn't that the Hollywood thing? "I'm sorry," Sanders chuckled. "I appreciate you educating me. South Dakota, Jesus." 

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