College Football Fans Don't Agree With Deion Sanders' Year 1 'Grade'

Several head coaches, like Colorado's Deion Sanders, have just completed their first seasons in charge of their respective programs.

Sanders received a solid B from Simonton for his first season in Boulder:

No first-year head coach was scrutinized more than Deion Sanders, and while the goalposts were continuously shifting throughout the season, Colorado's 4-8 record should be seen as a success.

Sanders provided Colorado with the needed energy, vitality, and visibility (sellout crowds, many Big Noon Saturday games).

TCU was startled, Nebraska was upset, and USC and Arizona were pushed to the limit. The season came to an end with a whimper, but Sanders has reloaded in the transfer portal in order to compete for a bowl game in 2024.

Fans flocked to social media to express their displeasure with Sanders' grade.

"It appears that Deion is graded on a different scale," another person added.

"Deion is like a D+," observed another.

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