Cowboys' Jerry Jones acquired Trey Lance without telling Mike McCarthy: 'I can make that trade in 5 minutes'

Texas's Arlington It seemed impromptu when the Dallas Cowboys traded quarterback Trey Lance, the third overall pick in 2021,

 to the San Francisco 49ers on August 25 in return for a 2024 fourth-round selection. That's because it actually was. 

Even head coach Mike McCarthy was kept in the dark about the details of the contract until it was finalized by team owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

"No, we, we didn't tell anybody until we did it, period," Jones remarked before the Cowboys' game against the Raiders in the preseason. 

 Nobody knew anything about it. My point is that we just wanted to finish, and we notified Mike [McCarthy] once we had. Once more, we wasted no time at all. My argument

Jones reaffirmed his remarks on Tuesday, saying that as the general manager and owner of the Cowboys,

, he is entitled to make and authorize transactions without seeking permission from anybody else. 

Jones stated on 105.3FM, "I didn't have to send it around." The Athletic, via The Fan in Dallas. "I can make that trade in 5 minutes."According to Jones, McCarthy

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