Deion Sanders: 'No way in the world' Colorado would be left out of College Football Playoff

According to Colorado coach Deion Sanders, reputation plays a significant role in the College Football Playoff team selection process, notably TV ratings and maximum visibility for individuals involved. 

Sanders just ended his debut season with the Buffaloes, finishing 4-8 overall despite a 3-0 start that propelled his program into the top 20 in the country.

"Coach (Mike) Norvell coached his butt off, and we can't take anything away from him," Sanders told Stephen A. Smith recently. 

"But the real question is whether you would leave me out of the college playoffs." There's no way in the world. We work in the box office. 

Unless you're insane, you have to see this. "I wish I had the issues that coach Norvell does."

Sanders stated earlier this month that the committee made a "business decision" to exclude unbeaten Florida State this season.

The Seminoles were the first Power Five club to be left out of the four-team playoffs despite finishing undefeated.

Mostert had a global ADP of roughly 115 at the end of the draft season, which may have appeared ambitious given that he was entering his age-31 season and coming off a good-but-not-great RB26 performance.

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