Deion Sanders ranks daughter Shelomi Sanders #1 kid on her special day - “I changed my mind”

Shelomi Sanders, also known as "Bossy," grew up in the spotlight. She made her television debut on "Deion and Pilar: Prime Time Love." 

Shelomi's journey has been recorded on television and social media, from battling for screen time with her siblings to making her own path on the basketball floor.

Deion Sanders FaceTimes Daughter Shelomi Sanders Following Her College Basketball Debut On December 5, Deion Sanders, a great football star, had a proud moment.

When he FaceTimed his daughter Shelomi Sanders to celebrate her first collegiate basketball bucket with the Colorado Buffaloes women's team, he couldn't hold back his tears.

Shelomi's first appearance was brief, lasting about two minutes. She grabbed a rebound and made a 3-pointer. Shelomi was overjoyed, and her teammates rallied around her.

Shelomi Sanders informed Coach Prime on FaceTime, "Celebrations are in full swing for Deion Sanders and his daughter Shelomi Sanders, as the talented Colorado guard celebrates her 20th birthday."

Shelomi returned to coach JR Payne's Buffaloes team after recovering from a fractured thumb.

This birthday is especially significant because it marks her official move into her twenties, leaving Coach Prime without any adolescent children. 

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