Denise Austin, 66, Reveals Her '3 Favorite Moves' for 'Toning' and 'Tightening Up' Ab 

You are in luck if you have ever pondered the question of how fitness icon Denise Austin manages to keep her abs in such good shape. 

The 66-year-old woman recently exhibited one of her "favorite" routines, which consists of three straightforward exercises that build and tone the abdominal muscles. 

"Want to get rid of that chubby belly?! Be sure to give these three moves a shot; they are effective. 

In order to finish this work week on a positive note and to get your weekend off to the best possible start, you need get those endorphins going today!  

Austin wrote "Xoxo" as the description for the video, which she then uploaded to her TikTok profile with the following caption: "Toning time!!!!!!!!" #fitover50 #tightcoreworkout #bodybuilding #flatabs" 

Austin appears to be getting ready to work out in the video, which features her wearing a purple exercise tank (which is comparable to this one),  

purple leggings (which are similar to these), and sneakers that match her purple yoga mat. She explains, "Here are my three favorite moves that I do to tone and tighten up my tummy," and she gives all of them below. 

Without a doubt, the instructive film was a huge hit with the audience. Someone who was a fan wrote, "Thank you for the encouragement!" An further person said, "What a grape workout!" 

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