Detroit Pistons now have one of the NBA's longest loss streaks.

When the Detroit Pistons lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 129–111, it was the longest losing streak in the team's history.

After beating the Charlotte Hornets and the Chicago Bulls to start the season 2-1, the Pistons lost their next 21 games.

Their last win was on October 28 against the Bulls, which they won 118–102.

The Pistons give up 118 points per game on average and score only 108 themselves. 

 This is the third-lowest total in the league, behind only the Memphis Grizzlies and the Portland Trail Blazers.

In NBA history, only seven other teams have lost 20 or more games in a row. Here are some of their runs of bad luck:

James was a free agent after the Cavaliers were beaten in the semifinals of the 2010 playoffs.

With an average of only 87 points per game, the Bobcats were last in the league and had the worst record of all time at the end of the season.

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