Dolly Parton discloses an unexpected link to Keanu Reeves from 'when he was tiny' Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves have a long history together.

The 77-year-old Jolene singer recounted meeting the 59-year-old Point Break star when he was a child. Awrh.

The duo met because Keanu's mother, Patricia Taylor, is a costume designer who worked with the country music diva on some of her most iconic ensembles

including the one she wore on the cover of Playboy for its October 1978 issue.

Dolly remarked of Keanu's mother, "Yes, she did a lot of sewing for me." 'She did a lot of my stuff, but I remember Keanu when he was tiny.

'And she'd bring him over to my place for fits, or I'd go to the shop where she worked,' she explained on Drew Barrymore.

But things improve. Years later, Keanu, a little older and more renowned, knocked on Dolly's dressing room door.

'I was performing somewhere and someone knocked on the door,' the 9 to 5 singer recalled. 

"Do you remember me?" he said. "I'm the little boy who used to sit at your feet while my mother worked."

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