Dolly Parton regrets not having children with her 57-year-old husband. 

– At 20, Dolly married Carl with the intention of a lifelong union, and 57 years later, they're still happily married.

– Despite societal norms, the couple chose not to have children, focusing on Dolly's music career.

– In an interview, Dolly revealed the regretful reason for not having children, citing the divisive political climate and her concerns about the world.

– She expressed relief, stating she's "almost glad" they didn't have children due to the challenges of today's society.

– Dolly and Carl consider each other as their only child, finding solace in their relationship without the complexities of parenting.

– Dolly attributes her childless life to God's will, believing it allowed her the freedom to pursue her career and philanthropic initiatives.

– She acknowledges the potential sacrifice of her music career if she had children, stating she likely wouldn't have become a country music star.

– Dolly emphasizes her commitment to supporting children through initiatives like Imagination Library, reinforcing her belief in a different kind of maternal role.

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