Each Zodiac Sign Has A Pumpkin Treat That Meets Their Personality

Pumpkin spice was exclusively used as a fall seasoning on pies until Starbucks launched its Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) 20 years ago.   


It's difficult to recall a time when pumpkin spice wasn't instantly connected to the comfort of fall. Twenty years later, every delicacy, snack,  



and dessert has its own distinct take on the flavor combination of pumpkin spice. If fall is your preferred season, you most likely don't mind having a lot of options; in fact, you might even enjoy them.  


Like cookies, your happiness increases with the number of Aries in your possession.   


The finest things in life are appreciated by Taureans, and nothing quite compares to the decadence of a pumpkin cheesecake.   


Given that Geminis are among the most well-liked signs in the zodiac, it makes sense that their favorite treat would be something that everyone would like. The solution is pumpkin cupcakes.   


Known as the homemakers of the zodiac, Cancers enjoy baking and cooking, especially when it's for other people.   


Anything having a pumpkin taste that a Leo would enjoy is probably something they can enjoy when out with friends, such as a pumpkin spice martini.    


Your soul communicates in a variety of ways. You might have vivid dreams. Even your daydreams appear to be more vivid and emotionally charged. 


The world is big and wide, Aquarius, so just because you live in a small part of it doesn't mean your dreams have to be small as well.


It's always a good idea to exercise caution when disclosing personal information. You may have a gut feeling that someone isn't trustworthy.

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