Fun Tricks for Kids' Halloween Makeup 

Take out your cosmetics supplies and start working your magic. Let your creative side come out and together we can make this Halloween the most memorable one yet! Never forget that the main focus is on the happiness, excitement, and smiles that our children's costumes and cosmetics bring to their faces. 

It's imperative to begin any of these looks with a dry, clean face. Then, to establish an even base, you can (but are not required to) apply a light foundation coat that complements the color of your child's skin. It's time to get creative and have fun after that! 

Cheerful Pumpkin

Apply vivid orange makeup or face paint all over the face using a sponge or brush, being careful not to get any near the eyes. After the paint has dried, create the appearance of a traditional carved pumpkin face by drawing triangle eyes, a little triangle nose,  

and a wide, smiling mouth with a tiny brush and black makeup. Remember to draw vertical lines from the top of the face to the bottom to resemble a pumpkin's grooves. Add a few green dabs to the top of your forehead to complete the stem effect!

Magical Unicorn

For a magical effect, use a light foundation or a base that is pastel in color. For the eyes, choose for vivid rainbow hues like pink, purple, and blue. Create a gradient effect on your eyelids by blending these colors together. Remember to add a little glitter makeup for a shimmery finish. To add highlights to the inner corners of the eyes and beneath the brow bone, use white eyeliner.  

Next, dab on a vibrant pink blush, sweeping some upward toward the temples. Here's the fun part: using a brush, add glitter of the highest caliber for cosmetics on top of the blush. Use a strong lip color that is sparkly or metallic. Lastly, use a vibrant eyeliner to draw a little, adorable star or heart on one cheek. Never forget that having fun and letting your creativity run wild is the secret to unicorn makeup! 

Friendly Ghost

Using a sponge or brush, evenly apply a coat of white face paint over the entire face, being careful not to get any in the eye area. Give it time to dry completely. Next, add details with a little brush, such as a creepy mouth and empty black circles for eyes. For a more spectral look, you can also add gray shading to the face's edges. 

Adorable Cat

Applying makeup to create a cat look for a child's Halloween costume is easy and enjoyable! To even out skin tone, start with a clean face and use a light foundation. Draw an inverted triangle on your child's nose tip and a thin line down to the lip using a little brush, black face paint, or eyeliner.  

To resemble whiskers, make three tiny lines on each cheek. Create a dramatic 'cat-eye' effect on the eyes by drawing a line along the upper lash line and extending it upward at the outer corner with the same black paint or eyeliner. To make the eyes stand out, you can also add white face paint to the eyelashes to improve this effect. 

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