Everything You Need to Know About Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Concert Film 

Listen, I'm a Swiftie fanatic. I've analyzed her infinite Easter eggs, put Taylor at the top of my Spotify Wrapped for years, and you can guarantee I went to the Eras Tour this summer.  

The performance was one of the most memorable events of my life; I manufactured and shared friendship bracelets with other Swifties and sung every word to every song. 

I even saw the Eras Tour concert DVD and thoroughly enjoyed reliving every moment of the spectacular. Swift's highly anticipated concert film debuted in theaters earlier this fall and broke box office records.  

According to CNBC, it is the highest-earning domestic concert film ever, grossing between $95 million and $97 million.  

Swift just revealed that the Eras Tour will be coming to living rooms, as the film is now available for rent on a variety of on-demand sites.  

So, if you were snubbed by Ticketmaster or simply want to recreate the magic that was the Eras Tour, I've got you covered with all the vital facts you'll need to know before going.  

For more entertainment-related content, check out these 10 ways to save money on streaming and the top smart TVs of 2023.Swift's stadium tour spanned more than a dozen US locations as well as Mexico City this summer. 

The Eras Tour is a love letter to her illustrious musical career and the fans who have supported her along the way. But it doesn't mean the tour isn't popular with the general public.  

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