"For $5 million, Imma Need Some Playing Time": The Lakers' New VIP Tunnel Suite Experience Entices Fans

Basketball tickets can be expensive at times, especially if the game is nationally televised. And, regardless of the team, the price of the same tickets might skyrocket if one want to sit courtside. 

However, the Los Angeles Lakers may have taken it to a new level with the introduction of a unique premium experience at Crypto.com Arena.

The Los Angeles Lakers have officially launched a new lounge service, or tunnel suite, that spectators can experience for $5 million.

 Fans are escorted via the players' entrance, according to social media personality Jack Goldburg.

They are then led via the arena's underground tunnels to a bar where spectators can begin their adventure with unlimited wine.

Following the welcome drinks, fans will be directed to a 12-person lounge with a personal chef and bartender at their disposal. This experience is accessible for all Crypto Arena events throughout the year.

To top it all off, there is a private passage for spectators to the stands where they can come close to courtside seats and see the action unfold in front of them. They can also bring any food or drinks they want from their lounge.

While this adventure at Crypto Arena is indeed thrilling, the outrageous price tag for the entire trip has many fans in tears in the social media comments area. 

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