Former bank robber praises Keanu Reeves' signature heist flick despite shortcomings

A veteran bank robber awards Point Break a perfect score of 10 out of 10 despite some , 

of its shortcomings for its portrayal of the anxiety in a robbery situation. 

It is implausible for criminals to yell at customers and force them to lie on the ground ,

as it is depicted in the movie, and this would probably scare off potential consumers. 

Point Break, the legendary heist film starring Keanu Reeves, has a cult following thanks to a former ,

bank robber who gives it a perfect score despite the film's shortcomings in accurately portraying real robberies. 

The 1991 film follows FBI agent Johnny Utah (Reeves), who goes undercover to look into a group ,

of surfers who are thought to be crooks. Over the years, Point Break has developed a devoted following, 

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