Former Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons criticized Ja Morant on his celebration incident.

One former Grizzlies player is dissatisfied with the newest Ja Morant saga.

Morant celebrated finishing an alley-oop by stretching his arms out on Tuesday, his fourth game since returning from a 25-game suspension for flashing a pistol in an Instagram video for the second time,

with some spectators asking whether the All-Star guard was utilizing finger guns.

Morant, 24, shared a video on X that appeared to be a recreation of an LSU football celebration; the Grizzlies won 116-115 in overtime in New Orleans on Tuesday to go to 4-0 since Morant's comeback.

"It's ridiculous," Parsons stated during the "Run It Back" show on FanDuel TV. "You need to mature. Why are we discussing this? Since Morant's comeback, your club has gone 4-0. You've been incredible.

You've probably been forgiven to a point, especially in Memphis, right? The team is now again yours. You're performing at a high level. Why are you giving us something terrible to speak about, something to debate?

Why is your father [Tee Morant] sitting courtside with his hood and glasses on, doing interviews about how you haven't made any adjustments in your personal life and issues?

"What else must occur for you, your family, and your friends to learn?" Simply make this about basketball, your life, and your livelihood, and stop doing things like this because you're must-see TV on the court. 

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