How to Take Good Pictures With Your Mobile Device 

Taking a beautiful photo with your smartphone involves more than just pointing and shooting. There are plenty of poor smartphone images on the internet, and I'm sure you've seen a few. 

So, what's the secret to taking beautiful photos with your smartphone? There are, as it turns out, quite a few of them. Check out these smartphone photography strategies to boost your game. 

Every year, people around the world take over a trillion photos, and 92% of these shots are taken on smartphones, according to study. But you can make your images stand out with a little work. 


Take the time to experiment with your phone's camera modes and settings. Learn how to use features like altering focus and exposure. Many phones have automated white balance, therefore you may need to download an additional app to gain the features of a digital camera like a DSLR. 

Get to know your camera.

Determine ways to harness light. Use the golden hour in the morning or evening for warm and gentle lighting, or use a bright spotlight to produce dramatic shadows. Remember to adjust the exposure to make the most of the available light. 

Learn how to use light.

The composition of a photograph is important, but so is the topic of the photograph. Many of the best photographs have only one interesting subject, such as portrait photography. Spend some extra time setting up a shot while photographing a single subject. 

Focus on one subject at a time.

Photo accessories such as lenses, apps, and lighting can transform your smartphone into a more powerful camera, adding capabilities to improve your photos while you're shooting and editing and preparing them for sharing. 

Use photo accessories

Editing your photos is the next step — and a critical one, at that. Filters can be a valuable photographic tool, particularly when it comes to two goals: 1) Removing blemishes from a picture, and 2) making food look even more delicious. 

Don't hesitate to edit.  

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