I just need your trust. Please.' Lions coach Dan Campbell's speeches are famous.

It is not uncommon for players in the National Football League to ignore head coaches when they are delivering speeches to the team. Every once in a while, players simply do not care. 

They are aware of everything. It is not speeches that move them. One of the exceptions to this rule is a tall individual named Dan Campbell, who stands at a height of 6 feet 5 inches. This particular exception is a large one.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that the Head Coach of the Lions was a veteran NFL player. This could be due to the fact that Campbell appears to still be able to play.

Or perhaps it is due to the fact that Campbell is not the meathead that some of us initially believed he was, but rather someone who understands what it is that human beings require to hear, who is aware of what causes a heart to beat and a mind to concentrate.

Indeed, the speech during the press conference was, to put it mildly, nuts. However, ever since that day, whenever I come across a speech by Campbell, I have the want to run through a number of walls. Or you could fly.

Alternately, you could go to the gym and punch it. Take a punch instead. That being said, you might not get punched, but you get the point. Campbell is known to cry throughout his speeches.

It is a laugh. It is a curse. It is a yell. He makes predictions. There are times when he speaks lightly yet carries a large quip with him.

The most important thing that Campbell does is motivate his squad. Due to the fact that they are talented, well-coached, and tough, the Lions are now competing in the NFC championship game. 

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