A broad variety of responses have been provided by followers in response to Angel Reese's ambitious Instagram post. Some of the responses include "Your gpa is below 2.0" and "Female LeBron."

After Angel Reese, a superstar player for the LSU Tigers, published an inspirational message on Instagram from his point of view, he received a wide range of replies from his followers. The individual who will win the NCAA championship in 2023 has been making headlines all over the place during the entire year.  

Reese is one of the names that has become a social media fixture. Her on-court pyrotechnics, as well as the sponsorship deal she inked with Reebok, have both helped to her ascent to notoriety. Her most recent post, on the other hand, did not gain her many followers because she received negative response.  

Earlier, Reese posted a photo to Instagram of herself getting ready for a shoot, with the caption: Following a four-game hiatus, the LSU basketball forward triumphantly returned to the court.  

She made a huge contribution to No. 7 LSU's incredible 82-64 triumph against No. 9 Virginia Tech in November, scoring 19 points and collecting nine rebounds. This comes after she was sidelined for two weeks and unable to fight in a number of bouts during that time. 

She was honest about her mental health beliefs after the game, saying, "My mental health comes first, and I'm going to make sure I'm OK before anything else because I don't want to cause any harm or cancer in the locker room." 

"I'm glad to be back, I'm glad to be here, I'm moving forward, and I'm going to help this squad get as far as it can." These comments appear to be in response to an altercation between Reese's mother, Angel Web, and Reese. 

Kia Brooks, Flau'jae Johnson's mother, and Reese engaged into a Twitter feud. Her poor academic performance and linguistic errors on social media ignited a heated controversy.  

As she returns to court and displays immense confidence, Reese will continue to receive both bouquets and brickbats. It will be interesting to see how she handles the two in the coming days. 

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