In the NBA, Trevor Ariza made $116 million, but his divorce has completely drained his bank account.

As he claimed monthly support to his ex-wife Bree Anderson should be approximately $3k.   

Trevor Ariza stated his financial status has significantly changed since leaving the NBA last year, has discovered.   

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A certified public accountant looked into Trevor's accounts and put together a report that he presented as part of his divorce, according to court documents acquired by   

For months, Trevor and Bree have been at odds over the amount of support he will provide. The ex-partner of the NBA star sought $60,000.   

She maintained that even if Trevor's NBA paychecks weren't rolling in, he still had a ton of assets that he could sell to cover any support liabilities.   

In court documents, Bree claimed that she and her husband had access to private chefs, a household staff, Rolls Royce cars, and a sizable 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home in Playa Vista, California, during their marriage.    

She maintained that despite their divorce, their children should maintain the same way of life.   

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