Jadeveon Clowney does happy dance after sack, $750k incentive bonu

Jadeveon Clowney, an experienced edge rusher, has been a significant contributor to the Baltimore Ravens' maybe the greatest defense in the National Football League (NFL).

The player who was selected first overall in 2014 from South Carolina is currently playing for his fifth team in the past six years. 

On August 18, he inked a contract with the Baltimore Ravens that was for $2.505 million for one year. 

Despite the fact that it is essentially a deal with a minimal requirement for veterans, Clowney did have one significant

 incentive that he met on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.Mason Rudolph, the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was sacked by Clowney with 43 seconds remaining in the first half,

elevating his total number of sacks for the season to 9.5. And that resulted in a bonus of $750,000, which is a wonderful addition to the package.

If any of us were to receive a bonus of $750,000, we would dance in a manner similar to that. It is wonderful that Clowney came into this game with nine sacks and 69 total pressures,

as reported by Pro Football Focus, which believes that half-sacks should be counted as full sacks (which is something that everyone should do).

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