Jake Browning eager to shake off Steelers loss.

Bengals QB Jake Browning regressed in Saturday's loss to the Steelers, throwing three interceptions. 

One interception was an ill-fated throwaway that landed in the endzone for an easy turnover. 

Browning, despite the loss, emphasised the importance of not letting it snowball and focusing on the response. 

He acknowledged having a bad game but highlighted the significance of how one responds. 

The Bengals successfully rebounded after a previous loss to the Steelers, winning three consecutive games. 

However, the upcoming challenge is tougher as defences now have film on Browning's play, making adjustments crucial. 

The next opponent for the Bengals is the formidable Kansas City Chiefs on the road. 

Despite the challenges, the Bengals are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, and Browning aims to set a positive tone for the last two games. 

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