Jeff Sims, the quarterback for Nebraska, stated after his debut that he needed to make better decisions.

The Twin Cities — The Nebraska offense made it clear to anybody who would listen how they wanted to play on the field during the first month of Matt Rhule's tenure. 

This would be a step back in time. The Huskers won games by wearing down their opponents and eating up yards.

They would run the ball and win the line of scrimmage in a physical exhibition reminiscent of the Big Eight's glory days.

Rhule and offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield both reduced their expectations for the passing game.

 It wasn't meant to bear the offensive load, but rather to supplement the ground game.

This figure was lower on Thursday.  On the field, the Huskers accomplished what they needed to do.

Nebraska's offense was led mostly by quarterback Jeff Sims, who was able to extend plays and keep the ball on strong, physical runs. Running backs Gabe Ervin and Anthony Grant took advantage of the offensive line's flaws.

Sims only threw for 114 yards (34 of which came on a strange trick play with busted coverage) despite throwing for a touchdown and three interceptions from drop back.

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