John Wick 4: $73M+ Sunday Box Office Update: Franchise Record, Best For Lionsgate In Pandemic Era

– John Wick 4 Opening Success: "John Wick: Chapter 4" opens with $73.5M, a franchise and pandemic record, exceeding estimates. Worldwide debut hits $137.5M.

– International Triumph: Keanu Reeves' film debuts at No. 1 in 71 markets, collecting $64M internationally, surpassing predictions.

– Reeves' Career Milestones: Second-best domestic live-action opening for Reeves after "Matrix Reloaded," and possibly second-best global debut after "Matrix Revolutions."

– Franchise Achievement: Fourth "John Wick" sets record among select franchises, building success with each new film release.

– R-Rated Record: "John Wick: Chapter 4" claims biggest R-rated post-pandemic opening, outdoing "Halloween Kills."

– Comparative Metrics: Film draws 5M viewers over the weekend, compared to "Quantumania's" 7M. Evening showings and premium formats drive turnout.

– Imax and Premium Success: Imax contributes $12.7M globally; premium format attendance at 32% with higher ticket prices. Top Imax grosser for Lionsgate.

– Key Markets: Strong admissions in LA, NYC, Dallas, Toronto, and San Francisco drive success for director Chad Stahelski's sequel.

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