KISS performs an explosive farewell show in New York and debuts computerized avatars in the 'new era' 

Jim Morrison of The Doors may have said it, but KISS lived it on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, the most famous venue in the world. 

It was the perfect ending to a 50-year career that began just a few blocks away in New York City. 

Hello, Starchild. Leave, Demon. In the end, the loud fire ended with the songs "Heaven's on Fire" and "Black Diamond." 

KISS played at MSG for two nights straight and convinced 20,000 diehard fans that this was their last show. They did this for two hours and fifteen minutes. 

That Gene Simmons' top-knot would never move again and (fake) blood would never drip from his chin during "Deuce" or that we would never see him breathe fire at the end of "I Love it Loud." 

As Paul Stanley flew over the heads of fans on a kind of zip line to a B-stage for the last time to pony step and shake his long black hair through "Love Gun," it felt like the end of an era was just around the corner. 

And without a doubt, the show ended on an emotional note when drummer Eric Singer rose from behind a piano to sing KISS's most popular and unexpected hit,  

"Beth." Shortly after, Stanley, Simmons, and guitarist Tommy Thayer slowly left the stage, waving to fans everywhere they went. Do you agree? Even more so when Stanley hit Simmons on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs up, a nod to the fact that they had been brothers for decades? 

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