LeBron disputes ruling on final shot as Lakers fall to Wolves

After a video review determined that a shot that could have tied the game in the last seconds of Saturday's game was a two-pointer rather than a three-pointer, LeBron James

expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the game, which the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves by a score of 108-106.

James also questioned the effectiveness of the NBA's replay process.

"What the hell do we got replay for?" While James was relaxing in his recliner inside the visitors locker room at Target Center, he made the following statement.

 "What is the use of having replay if even the playback is unable to do it right? Simply put, who are the individuals who are a part of the replay center? 

Like, do we have robots in there that are manufacturing Teslas? As in, what exactly is going on?"

After the Lakers were trailing by seven points in the dying minutes of the game against the club that was ranked first in the Western Conference

 James' transition shot from the left wing with 2.3 seconds left would have knotted the score at 107 and completed a dramatic rally before the game ended. 

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