LeBron James ‘may opt out of $51.4millon contract with LA Lakers’

LeBron James, a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, may be switching teams for the upcoming season, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

James’s current contract includes a player option for the upcoming season, which gives him the opportunity to either choose to enter free agency or opt into the final year of his deal.

Over the course of an episode of the podcast titled “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective,” Windhurst expressed his uncertainty over the future of LeBron James in the year 2025.

The feeling I get is that LeBron James is going to play next year, but I’m not sure if it will be for the Lakers. It’s definitely going to be, but he has an opt-out clause in his contract. 

After the conclusion of the season, LeBron James will have until the 29th of June to make a decision regarding his option to get $51.4 million

The 39-year-old signed an extension back in 2022 that would allow him to remain in a Lakers jersey through at least the 2024–25 season, although from the moment he signed the contract—

and long before the extension came to fruition—league insiders speculated that James instilled the option so he could have the option of leaving the Lakers and joining forces with his eldest son LeBron ‘Bronny’ James Jr.

After the conclusion of the college basketball season, Bronny will be able to submit his application to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 

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