Lessons From The Seattle Kraken's Brand Launch That The PWHL Could Apply

In 2018, Sports Illustrated expressed their opinions about the possible moniker "Seattle Kraken" without holding back.

Sports Illustrated ranked "Kraken" as the least suitable of the 13 potential names that Seattle's new NHL franchise had registered.

Dan Gartland of Sports Illustrated wrote, "Naming your team after a mythical creature is an extremely minor-league move."

When that creature has no genuine ties to the area, it's an especially bad idea. The North Atlantic, not the Pacific Northwest, is where the monster known as the Kraken originated."

Since the name is unconventional, if the organization had erred, the reaction might have been akin to naming a team—Echo, Wicked, or Sound, for instance.

However, the Kraken name did not receive the widespread criticism that the PWHL's six trademarked names did. Rather, the franchise directed their own story and established a positive tone. 

Time was perhaps the primary difference. Seattle was given 19 months to develop their unconventional moniker and get ready to reveal every facet of their brand. 

They withheld information about the website, logo, name choice, and other things. When Seattle met to discuss the matter, it was not only done behind closed doors but also behind closed curtains. Seattle had employed a Hawaii-based firm to register domains covertly.

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