Love Horoscope For November 26, 2023


Talk things through. You and your significant other may hit a milestone that demonstrates how you view the world differently. It's common to see things in a unique light.  


You may have it all, but do you really want it that way? It's that time of year to donate items you don't use anymore to a good cause. Sharing your love with others is a great way to be the representation of the love in the world. 


What about me and you? You may feel pushed to confront a problem that leads to a disagreement. You might not want to compromise today. Sleep on it instead of rushing to break up later.  


Don't let the past stop you from having a beautiful future. Who cares what other people think about your current partner. There's no comparison. They can feel anything that they choose to do.  


Your friends can help you to regain the you that you lost in a toxic relationship. A good cry. A shoulder to lean on. A hug that is warm without any weird intentions are all part of what can bring back your heart in a big way.  


Home can be a warzone when two people have fallen out of love. You may need to figure out where to move if things aren't healthy for you. It's sad to say goodbye, but you get to rewrite your life. 


Travel can be fun but for some people, it can be stressful. Mentally you need one solid day to reorient to your new location. Try to keep each other supported, motivated, and determined to keep going. 


The holidays can be a reminder of the past, but don't go shopping when you're angry. You may think you need retail therapy but there are lots of free things you can do with your time to make yourself feel better.  


You're learning so much about your partner, and their traits may have you feeling frustrated about yourself.  


Letting go can leave you feeling anxious about the future. It's hard to imagine your life without your ex, but you know that this is for the best. it will take time for you to process all the feelings you're going through. 


Your friends can tell that you've changed and that this relationship means a lot to you. You are letting someone in your heart for the first time, and it's both exciting and scary. 


It's a busy time of year, Pisces, and you may feel stretched to the limits with the demands of work, family and everything that you need to do. You may need a little more support from your partner. 

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