LSU's Olivia Dunne claims she's just an 'ordinary girl' after question about fame

LSU star gymnast Olivia Dunne took a page from "Hannah Montana" and hosted a quick Instagram Q&A as the Tigers prepared to travel to Utah for the Sprouts Farmers Market Collegiate Quad. 

Dunne was asked if it was "weird being famous." She reacted with the song "Ordinary Girl" by Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana. She then shared the exchange on her own Instagram Story. 

She has approximately 5 million followers on the social network.

"I am simply a regular girl. Sometimes I am sluggish, bored, terrified, or feel ignored. I am joyful, I get stupid, and I choke on my own words. "I make wishes, I have dreams," the song says.

Dunne isn't the "ordinary girl" that Hannah Montana sings about. She is one of the most popular collegiate athletes on social media, with approximately 8 million TikTok followers as well.

 As a result, she has landed several rich NIL engagements, including an appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition this summer.

Dunne added that a security guard is now accompanying the team due to a security incident at the University of Utah last year. She also does not take classes in person.

"I love getting to know the people that follow me and what I do, so I always try to say hi to everybody I can that recognizes me when I'm out in public and I always try to take a picture,"

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