Luke Grimes Discusses Songwriting with Apple Music Country’s Southern Accents Radio

Luke Grimes, a rising country performer from Yellowstone, spoke with Apple Music Country and collaborator Dave Cobb about his complex relationship with music, songwriting, and his background.  

Grimes, a pastor's son from Dayton, Ohio, was only allowed to listen to gospel music at home. Southern Accents Radio on Apple Music Country recounted his childhood.  

May 8–14, even though The Mother was released on May 12). Grimes told Southern Accents Radio host Cobb that her father played old outlaw country music while they went hunting once a year.  

Grimes claims "Always On My Mind" and "Lukenbach, Texas" are his favorite tracks on the playlist. Grimes left acting to write songs like those from his youth. 

Grimes debuted with No Horse To Ride in December 2022. Grimes told Cobb that he was scared to share the song because it seemed like a dream. 

“Because I came from another world entirely and, and was an actor for a long time and I mean, still am but you know, there’s this feeling of like, are people going to [say], ‘Is this cheesy, is this goofy?’” Grimes admitted. Many imposters.  

Grimes kept making the music he loved despite his worry of appearing inauthentic or like just another actor attempting to become a musician.   

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