Metlife Stadium Turf Should Be 'Boycotted' For Causing Injuries

A new week has brought forth yet another injury that may have been brought on by the turf at Metlife Stadium.

During the Sunday game, the New York Giants will be playing host to the Philadelphia Eagles. A.J. Brown, a wide receiver with the Eagles, has just been taken down with an injury.

When Brown were to sustain an injury on the grass at Metlife Stadium, he would be the most recent player in a long line of players to do so.

The turf condition at Metlife Stadium has both NFL players and NFL spectators experiencing a great deal of frustration.

This is a complete and utter farce that games are still being played on the MetLife Stadium grounds. 

The National Football League does not care about its players or their health in any way. It is unequivocal. I can't believe this is a joke. 

As Josh Reynolds wrote, "I am praying that AJ Brown is okay."Once more, I am going to say that the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and players should

refrain from playing games at MetLife Stadium and any other field that has turf. "Enough is enough," a supporter then said.

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