MLB free agency, trade targets after Ohtani forecasts

– Ohtani to Dodgers, Soto to Yankees: – Ohtani joins Dodgers with deferred money, providing financial flexibility. – Yankees acquire Soto after trading four pitchers, seeking rotation help.

– Remaining Top Free Agents: – 20 of Kiley McDaniel's top 25 free agents still unsigned. – Predictions for top Japanese pitcher Yamamoto's deal now nearing $300 million.

– Pitcher Contract Landscape: – Gerrit Cole's $324 million deal remains the benchmark. – Yamamoto's potential contract surpassing Strasburg's $245 million deal.

– Mets and Yankees Pursuing Yamamoto: – Bidding war likely between Mets and Yankees for Yamamoto. – Mets owner Cohen and Yankees' Cashman both expressing strong interest.

– Dodgers in the Mix for Yamamoto: – Dodgers remain contenders for Yamamoto despite Ohtani signing. – Ohtani's deferred money aids Dodgers' financial flexibility for pursuits.

– Yamamoto Meetings and Connections: – Mets' Cohen and Stearns meet with Yamamoto in Japan. – Yankees reportedly meeting with Yamamoto in Los Angeles.

– Yankees' Rotation Needs: – Yankees actively seeking rotation help after trading pitchers for Soto. – Cashman expresses admiration for Yamamoto, indicating interest.

– Dodgers' Financial Flexibility and Yamamoto's Background: – Ohtani's deferred money benefits Dodgers' pursuit of Yamamoto. – Yamamoto, a Dodgers fan, has personal ties but Mets and Yankees in intense pursuit.

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