Monday Thoughts: NCAA Second-Half Predictions

Erin Brown and Ian Kennedy begin their weekly Friday Face-off discussions, and occasionally debate, on women's hockey topics. 

This week's Friday Face-off begins with a special edition of "Monday Musings." This week, Patty Kazmaier, potential national championship winners, and other topics are discussed as the two talk about the second half of the NCAA season.

Ian Kennedy I am aware that this season you have been traveling to see some of the best programs in the NCAA in person, including a recent trip to Minnesota. 

Throughout the first half of the NCAA season, the Golden Gophers were on the rise, even surpassing Wisconsin, who was ranked #1 for a longer period of time than Ohio State.

The WCHA has a pretty good trio there. Which of these teams would you choose as the front-runner to win the national championship?

Erin Brown: I have mixed feelings about WCHA prediction. Since the strengths and weaknesses of the top three teams are so dissimilar, I believe that the winner is determined by who is in the zone on game day. 

In the 2023 Frozen Four, Wisconsin defeated Minnesota and Ohio State, which is something I don't think anyone would have predicted. Even though the Badgers have a 1-3 record this season against the Gophers and Buckeyes, I still find it difficult to write them off.

There's just too much exceptional, raw talent. However, inexperience can also be evident, especially when skating.

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