More right-wing brain rot: absurd Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce conspiracy theories

There was a time when we were all involved in the joke.

When you saw the grainy, black-and-white portrayal of an alien or a portrait of Elvis on the cover of a tabloid, you would either chuckle or roll your eyes because you were already aware of the joke.

"I'm having a baby the size of an alien!" Elvis Presley is still alive and operating as my dentist! Alternately, "I met Elvis when I was kidnapped by a UFO, and now I'm having his baby!" is a statement that combines the best of both worlds.

The overwhelming majority of us were able to discern these tales for what they were: absolute gibberish that was obviously devoid of any basis in truth. 

They were not given legitimacy, nor were we attempting to persuade others that they were accurate. We did not, under any circumstances, 

make room in the national debate for the propagation of such concepts that were only partially developed. Oh, the ways in which it has altered.

If you are completely unaware of what I am referring to, you should count yourself extremely fortunate. In addition, sane. You have been astute enough to steer clear of the hellscape that is the right-wing media,

which is currently promoting the notion that the Super Bowl is rigged as part of some Democratic scheme because Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating.

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