"NFL is a joke" is what fans are saying after Al Michaels was fired from covering the playoffs because of comments he made about Taylor Swift.

Al Michaels, a veteran sportscaster, will not be on NBC's coverage of the NFL playoffs. There are reports that Taylor Swift may have something to do with this.

Since she began dating Travis Kelce, the singer has become well-known among football fans.

So much attention has been paid to the programs, and not just the Kansas City Chiefs games. Her presence has been added to other shows as well.

He said that all the attention on Taylor Swift was like a circus. The NFL, on the other hand, has taken a very different stance on this issue.

The NFL seems to be enjoying the attention from the singer's many fans, who call themselves "Swifties." A lot of attention has been paid to the singer's links on social media and in the news.

Based on the latest reports, Al Michaels was reportedly at odds with the broadcasters because he didn't like how big Taylor Swift was at the games. This was said to be the possible reason he was dropped for the playoffs:

Even though the rumor has gone viral on social media, it has not yet been proven that Taylor Swift is the reason why the experienced host has been fired.

The real reason may be less important. The title "emeritus" has already been given to Al Michaels by NBC. That doesn't say what his job is, but it's not surprising that the network would promote someone from their regular cast. 

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