NFL playoff race: can Denver continue improbable turnaround in Houston? 

You should reflect back to September and ask yourself if anyone truly believed that this match would be significant in the race for the playoffs.  

Which of the two teams could honestly declare that they had a chance? It is possible that they are not, but they are now able to sit directly on the bubble.  

Each of them had been the last in their division a year ago and were in desperate need of assistance.  

Why even bother focusing on the previous season? In October, the Broncos had a record of 1-5 and should have had a record of 0-6 if the Bears had not blown a 28-7 lead and then collapsed horribly. 

Irrespective of the fact that the vainglorious Dolphins defeated them by a score of 70-20, here we are. Since they got off to a terrible start, Vance Joseph's defense has been the source of their success.  

Even though it took some time for the coordinator to get things going, they are presently leading the league in turnovers with 15 during their five-game winning streak. 

This is despite the fact that they are allowing slightly more than 16 points per game. CJ Stroud, who made his debut as a quarterback for Houston, has helped the team's journey go a little bit more smoothly.  

Aggressive, avoiding making mistakes, and boasting Tank Dell, a rookie receiver who is unlikely to reach his full potential. 

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