NFL team considering hiring Jon Gruden

The New Orleans Saints had a relatively difficult season, as evidenced by the fact that they did not make the playoffs for the third year in a row

Additionally, it appears that the squad is contemplating a quite surprising addition to the coaching staff in order to make progress in their efforts to improve.

According to a report that was published on by Jeff Ducan, the New Orleans Saints are reportedly contemplating

the addition of Jon Gruden to their management team.  The Saints are anticipated to make changes to their coaching staff in the wake of their poor 2023 season,

 sources have stated that former NFL head coach Jon Gruden is being considered as a possible addition

to the coaching team, according to a report that was published by Duncan on Monday evening.

"During the Saints' Week 17 road trip to Tampa, Florida, where Gruden owns a house, Gruden, a coach who won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

Recently spoke with officials from the Saints of New Orleans. He went to a team meeting the night before the Saints' game against the Buccaneers,

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