NFL World Reacts to Patrick Mahomes’s Record-Setting Restructured Contract

On Monday, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs reached an agreement on a record-breaking restructured contract that will return him to the league's top earners. 

Mahomes will be paid a guaranteed $210.6 million between 2023 and 2026 as part of his new contract, which is the most money paid during any four-year period in league history. 

According to ESPN, the two sides will re-evaluate the agreement after the 26th season.

 Mahomes rushed to social media after signing his restructured contract, just one day after turning 28, to express his thanks. 

Immediately following the signing of his restructured contract, Mahomes took to social media with a three-word message in order to convey his thanks. 

This occurred just one day after he turned 28 years old. 

Alongside a prayer emoji, Mahomes posted a message on X that read, "Thank you, God!" Following the dissemination of the news, 

 the social media community of the National Football League (NFL) had a lot to say about Mahomes' new contract. 

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