NFL world reacts to Roderic Teamer getting arrested on DUI charges: “Classic Raiders moment.”

Safety Roderic Teamer was arrested for DUI this morning, thus the Las Vegas Raiders will play the Kansas City Chiefs without him.

A hamstring issue kept Teamer out of the game, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal's Vincent Bonsignore. His reported arrest will not help him rejoin Antonio Pierce's team.

Another Raiders player with off-field troubles after Josh McDaniels left, despite a positive atmosphere.

A player being arrested on DUI charges on game day isn't ideal, so the Raiders management and players must get their minds straight to prepare for Patrick Mahomes and Co.

Fans went crazy after Teamer's arrest, with one calling it a "classic" Raiders moment.

Other fans gave their thoughts on Roderic Teamer's arrest this morning.

So, as we can see, no one is impressed with what Teamer did, 

and it's unclear whether his future with the team is in doubt, but we believe this won't help his case.

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