Nick Saban Addresses Charges Against Him Regarding College Football Playoff Drama 

As if Nick Saban had anything to do with the committee's choice, folks were eager to blame him when Alabama was chosen to advance to the College Football Playoffs over Florida State.  

Georgia, the top-ranked team in the country and 29-time winner, was defeated by Alabama. 

Like any head coach, Saban presented his case to the committee following the game.  

In response to a question from Pat McAfee regarding his response to comments made by fans 

Nick Saban made it very clear that his athletes and program come first. 

"Well, you know, my responsibility and obligation is to our team," he replied. 

hus, I tried my hardest to highlight the accomplishments we've made. winning eleven games in a row, or whatever, and defeating Georgia and the nation's top squad.  

Therefore, I fulfilled my duty to our players and our team, and I'm proud of how they handled it and how they performed in the SEC Championship Game." 

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