November 25, 2023 Love Horoscopes Are Very Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs

Nothing will frighten us on November 25, 2023 because we are thinking big and optimistic about love. It occurs, believe me. Sometimes we simply fall into one of those states of mind in which we assume the universe is conspiring to help us.

That is so refreshing. Imagine waking up one morning thinking that maybe, just maybe, everything is going to get... BETTER.

That's how it is today, November 25, 2023, because we are in the midst of the positive energy transit of the Moon conjunct Jupiter, which allows us to perceive only the best in people.

Let the good times roll in our love life because, for three zodiac signs, that's all we know. It's either good times or nothing.

There is another side to the Moon conjunct Jupiter, and that is the side that has us looking at our negative attitudes and altering them to fit our current mood. 

1. Gemini

You've been looking forward to a day like this, and the major reason it's so pleasant for you is that you don't sense the fear of terrible timing or poor decision making during the transit of the Moon conjunct Jupiter. 

2. Virgo

Today marks a turning point in your romantic life, and it's all because, during the transit of the Moon conjunct Jupiter, you'll determine that it's preferable for everyone involved to have a good attitude. 

3. Pisces

You feel the urge to get things going in your love relationship, and by 'going,' you mean in a positive way that allows both of you to grow. 

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