Nuggets vs. Hornets predicted score 

Atticus Ferguson: Nuggets 140-100 Hornets Nikola Jokic and Denver should be thrilled about Saturday's game against the Hornets.  

Jokic should be able to score a triple double if Mark Williams is absent. Charlotte's defense is terrible, and I don't see them handling a championship team in Denver.  

Charlotte lacks the offensive firepower to compete with the reigning champions in a four-quarter shootout. Expect another rough game from this devastated Hornets team. The prediction record: 8-3 

Plowright: Nuggets 129-109 Hornets Charlotte's workload becomes tougher around Christmas. Achieving two victories before 2024 is successful. 

Jokic's post passes and Charlotte's weakside defensive rotations, which have been nonexistent, will be impossible to slow down. 12-3 prediction record. 

Will Eudy: Raptors 134-110 Hornets The Hornets will face Nikola Jokic and the reigning champs in Queen City Saturday afternoon in another tough battle.  

With LaMelo Ball and maybe Mark Williams sidelined again, Charlotte will struggle to compete with Jamal Murray and Jokic. 

One of the league's best offenses should easily beat one of the worst defenses. Prediction mark: 13-8. 

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