Play outside now! The case for outdoor stadiums is strengthened by the Bills-Steelers postponement.

The upcoming Arena Football League reboot is expected to garner record ratings and attendance, if the increasing number of fans who want to shield NFL fields and seating areas from precipitation and temperature drops is any indication.

As the latest Super Wild Card Weekend in the NFL gets underway, some have called for delays due to freezing rain.

The NFL and the New York State government moved Sunday's game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers to Monday afternoon (4:30 p.m. ET, CBS), but Saturday's cold meet between the Chiefs and Dolphins will still go ahead as scheduled. 

Wrong arguments have been used to support and criticize the decision, but paradoxically, one cannot exist without the other.

To address the pressing matter first, the game on Sunday had to be postponed. The needs of the zealous few who ruin playoff participation for everyone should not take priority over the needs of the local first responders, who are expected to have a busy weekend. 

This is especially true for Bills supporters, who frequently display their team spirit in, let's say, unusual ways, as seen by the growing sales of folding tables and lighter fluid.

As most people are aware, hundreds of deputies from various agencies in addition to the sheriff's office help out on game day. 

 According to an ESPN report by Alaina Getzenberg, "They should be assisting in the midst of a snowstorm, helping those in need, not directing traffic at a football stadium," stated Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz.

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