Predicting the Outcome of Every NFC Bracket in the NFL Playoffs. 

I need to be honest. I'll wager the Packers +7.5 before kickoff on Sunday, since Green Bay is currently playing some solid and, more importantly, underappreciated football. 

 They've won five of their previous seven with Jordan Love, demonstrating that he can hang with a great offense in a possible shootout, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys are already looking ahead to their next battle. 

Although it would be Cowboy fashion for them to choke here, I can't fully commit to Green Bay just yet, as I feel Dallas will find a way into their building.

What a day for NFL scriptwriters, as the first Detroit Lions home playoff game in 30 years will be against Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams, the man who was meant to lead the Lions to the promised land but never quite got there.

 The Lions are only a three-point favorite at home, and money is pouring in on the Rams, so I wouldn't be surprised if this line closes at less than a field goal, but I'll bet on the Rams as the hot upset selection. 

The Lions' strategy lately has been to score enough points to compensate for their poor defense, but it won't work against this Rams offense, which has won seven of their previous eight games and averaged more than 28 points per game during that time.

I have far more faith in a resurgent Rams team coached by Stafford, who now has a Super Bowl ring, than in a youthful Lions club that has yet to prove anything

This should be exciting, but I'll edge towards the Rams.

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